Why This New Blog about Flagstaff Real Estate?

This Blog is “under Construction” so it may look “Funny” at times

I’ve been blogging about Flagstaff homes, the real estate market and living in Flagstaff since 2006. I started on Active Rain (where I’m still a bit active) and soon created my own blog, called Flagstaff Real Estate and Community News. About three weeks ago, I got notice from the owner of blog.com, where my blog had been hosted, that, while it had “been a great run” he was giving up the business.

So, I’m starting over with WordPress. I hope, by December 31, to have transferred most of the important content from the old blog here. By January 2014, this will be my primary blog site.

Meanwhile, you’re going to see some duplication and likely some transition glitches. My most popular posts have always been the Monthly Flagstaff Home Sales Reports, so here on WordPress those will have their own special category as shown at that link. I’ll also try to preserve as much as has continuing relevance about living in Flagstaff.

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