Popular Neighborhoods To Buy A Home In Flagstaff

When looking to buy a home in Flagstaff, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the area in which you’re hoping to purchase some real estate. A good first step can be to decide on a neighborhood or two to start scouting for properties up for sale.

But first, you need to figure out what’s important to you in terms of your new home’s environment and what you want to search for. What kind of amenities do you want available to you? Do you want to be close to the center of town with lots of shops, restaurants, and events? Do you want to live somewhere more secluded that’s sure to be quiet and peaceful? Is access to nature important to you? Do you want to join a homeowner’s association, or would you prefer to avoid it? Do you want an area that’s pet-friendly? Do you want a good view? Would you prefer a gated community? Access to a nearby golf course? And finally, and perhaps most importantly, what does your budget look like?

Answering these questions will help you get a better idea of what kind of neighborhood is right for you, and also narrow down your search on where to start looking for your next home. Once you have a vision in mind of where you’d like to live, the process will become much easier. If you can’t decide or just aren’t sure what your options are, it can also be helpful to get the lay of the land from a local REALTOR® who can give you an overview of what your city has to offer. Today, you’re in luck, because we’ve already outlined some of Flagstaff’s most desirable neighborhoods and their most attractive features right here for you. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from Flagstaff’s most popular neighborhoods to buy a home.


Kachina Village

A bedroom community with a population of about 2,622 just south of Flagstaff’s city limits, Kachina Village is a great neighborhood for outdoor enthusiasts with plenty of nearby trails, those beautiful Ponderosa pine trees, serene wooded landscapes, and tons of privacy. It’s also a great option for homeowners who don’t want to join a homeowners’ association or are concerned about price, as it is one of the greater Flagstaff area’s more affordable neighborhoods. It’s also conveniently close to Sedona for anyone needing to commute there for work or wanting a warmer change of weather once in a while.

Learn more about buying a home and living in Kachina Village.


Doney Park

A residential area just northeast of Flagstaff city proper, located off of U.S. Route 89, Doney Park is a great option for those looking for more space and acreage that may be available on other Flagstaff properties. It is a great option, for example, for home-owners wanting larger outdoor pets or farm animals such as horses and livestock. With great views of Flagstaff’s famous San Francisco Peaks, as well as Sunset Crater Volcano, a U.S. National Monument, Doney Park is ideal for those seeking beautiful Western scenery. With a population of about 5,395 but plenty of open available land, Doney Park strikes a perfect balance for those who are interested in a more peaceful, rural life without being too isolated.


Pine Canyon

Located on the southern end of Flagstaff, but still, within the city’s limits, Pine Canyon is a gated community offering an accredited private golf course, luxurious modern and craftsman style homes, and panoramic mountain scenery. Many of Pine Canyon’s homes are newer and provide greater square footage than elsewhere in Flagstaff. It is an especially popular area for those looking to invest in a second home here in Flagstaff. And, unlike other golf communities in Flagstaff, a golf course membership isn’t required to purchase a home in Pine Canyon.


Downtown Flagstaff

Aerial of downtown Flagstaff


The most historic and centrally located district in Flagstaff, Downtown Flagstaff is an in-demand area for those seeking an older home, a close-knit community feels, an active social life, or just the convenience of many nearby opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Downtown Flagstaff also offers one of the best locations for access to public transportation, Northern Arizona University, and the urban trail system.


Railroad Springs

Just a little west of Northern Arizona University and southwest of Downtown Flagstaff, Railroad Springs is a good option for homes with prices under $300K and first-time homeowners. The neighborhood also offers great access to hiking trails and requires a minimum of home-owners’ association dues.


Flagstaff Ranch

Located outside Flagstaff city limits on the west side of town and one of Flagstaff’s premier golf communities, Flagstaff Ranch requires a membership but offers larger and newer homes, many of them Craftsman style, than elsewhere in Flagstaff. It is a popular area for second homes.


Forest Highlands

2219 Patt Cline

South of Flagstaff and located off of the scenic Highway 89A leading down to Sedona’s switchbacks and beautiful red mountains, the Forest Highlands gated community is an established one that includes 2 accredited golf courses, two recently renovated clubhouses, a variety of recreational opportunities such as fishing and disc golf, and surprisingly affordable homes.



Located off of Highway 180 (a common route to Grand Canyon National Park) and northwest of Downtown Flagstaff, the Cheshire neighborhood of Flagstaff supplies a good variety of different types of homes at moderate prices. Its proximity to the San Francisco Peaks also makes it a popular area to buy a home.


Coconino Estates

Just slightly north of downtown Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University, Coconino Estates is the largest and most in-demand neighborhood close to downtown. Because of its excellent location, homes in this neighborhood are highly sought after and tend to sell fast.



If you were stumped on where to start hunting for your next home (or if you just wanted some good suggestions from someone in the know), we hope our round-up of the most popular neighborhoods in Flagstaff has gotten you off to a good start. If you’ve just moved to Flagstaff (or are considering a move to our scenic mountain town in the near future), you should know that these neighborhoods, though inarguably our most popular ones to buy a home, just skim the surface of places to live in Flagstaff. In a town of varying landscapes, architecture, and a population of 70,000 and growing, Flagstaff provides vast opportunities for anyone and everyone to find their dream home, no matter what your ideal neighborhood looks like.

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