Fixing To Sell Your Home in 2015?

Home RemodelIf you plan to sell your Flagstaff home this year, my recommendation remains: Don’t spend any money on home improvements until you consult with your Realtor.® If you have a limited budget (as everyone does), you want to make sure your money is spent where it will have the greatest impact.

When I approach a house for a listing evaluation, I look at the entryway and front door. These should be neat, tidy and in good repair. If the door is the paintable type, a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. (And, I know a painting company that may do it for free if you allow them to prepare a bid for the rest of the house.) This recommendation comports with the latest Annual Cost vs. Value Remodeling Project report’s recommendation that the #1 value is replacing the front door with a steel entry door. If the garage door faces the street and is a mess, that’s high in the ranking this year, too. Making a first impression is important.

Next, we’ll consider all the fundamentals (roof, furnace, water heater, electrical system and structure). If you’re confident they will pass a buyer’s home inspection, we’ll move on to other things. If you’re not sure of those things, I suggest getting a handle on those potential costs by having a formal home inspection. That will cost $400-$500.

If you get past the entryway and the fundamentals here are some cosmetic things we may suggest:

1)         Improve flooring. Wood, tile, and bad carpet can be a show-stopper. If the flooring is chipped, torn, or dirty, buyers will think your home hasn’t been cared for properly, which could result in a lower offer — or no sale at all.

2)         Replace or add molding and baseboards. Some homeowners are shy to experiment with this, especially if they live in a small home, but it can be very attractive in any size home. The measly baseboard that builders often use simply looks cheap. Adding a wider baseboard and a fresh coat of paint makes the room come to life.

3)         Paint.  Accent walls, or even just fresh paint throughout makes a lasting impression. Spend a couple hundred dollars more to make the trim a different color – that really dresses up a room. Choose colors and textures wisely.  Don’t get carried away with a color you love (e.g. purple walls). Remember, that you want your home to appeal to the masses. You can always paint your new home purple!

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