Buying A Home In Flagstaff: What You Should Know

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So you’re thinking about buying a home in Flagstaff? You’re certainly not alone. Considering our beautiful and unique landscapes, full four seasons, diverse opportunities for outdoor recreation, educational and cultural offerings, and warm and friendly atmosphere, Flagstaff is only becoming a more and more popular place to live. Before you make the leap though — whether it’s your first time buying a home or your third, whether you’re a long-time Flagstaffian or new to the city — there are a few things you should know about buying a home here in Flagstaff. These tips will better prepare you for finding your dream home here in our beautiful mountain town.


What To Expect When Buying A Home In Flagstaff

The first thing most long-time residents of Flagstaff will tell you if you mention your interest in buying a home here is that it may be a little bit more expensive than you might expect, especially if you’re new to Flagstaff yourself. For the 3rd quarter in 2019, the median price for single-family homes in the Flagstaff area was $448,750. Compare this to the median-priced single-family home across the nation at $273,600 and you see affordability is one of our biggest challenges.

The good news, however, is that Flagstaff also offers a wide range of living options in numerous neighborhoods. There’s almost always something for everyone — whether you’re the type that dreams of a remote cabin in the woods, a historic home in town, or a condo on a golf course. Prices can vary greatly depending on which part of the city you want to live in. The trick is often in knowing when to buy and where to look.


Backyard of 4970 N Bandtail, Flagstaff Home

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How Often Do Homes Go On Sale In Flagstaff?

In the hot Flagstaff real estate market, homes will always be on sale, but the peak buying season is during the summer months, usually beginning around Memorial Day and continuing through Labor Day. Peak season brings more variety, but also, along with it, higher sales prices. Many times buying during the off-season can give you a small advantage as a buyer. Typically we see less competition from second-home buyers during the off-seasons. Add this to a price reduction of homes that perhaps were a bit overpriced during the strong season and you just might have a discounted opportunity.


What Is Flagstaff Real Estate Like?

Despite being a highly competitive market with higher than average home prices, Flagstaff still has a large selection of homes under $400K. Moreover, house values in Flagstaff are continually rising and homes here are always in demand, making buying a home in Flagstaff a good long-term investment. However, for the same exact reasons, homes sell quickly here, especially in the summer, so it’s important to move fast if you find a home for sale that you think suits your needs.

The good news is that through the Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties, your REALTOR® can set up a customized MLS email alert when new houses hit the market. Another thing to keep in mind is to seek out a REALTOR® that is willing to meet you to look at a house for sale quickly, or you may miss out on a great opportunity. With the Elite Team’s 7 agents, there is always someone available on our team to show property.


7425 W Bridle Trail, Flagstaff, Arizona Home for Sale

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The Most Popular Places To Buy A Home In Flagstaff

Real estate all over Flagstaff is booming, and you can be sure that pretty much any property in Flagstaff is going to generate some interest, but a few neighborhoods are especially popular areas to buy a home. Neighborhoods on the edge of Flagstaff proper, such as Kachina Village, Doney Park, and Flagstaff Ranch (a gated golf community), have the benefits of a calm, relaxed atmosphere and are close to nature. More established, historic, and central areas, such as Downtown Flagstaff, Railroad Springs, Cheshire, and Coconino Estates, are also highly sought-after areas in Flagstaff. Flagstaff also has a wide variety of private golf communities available, including Flagstaff Ranch, but also Pine Canyon and Forest Highlands.



No matter what kind of home you’re looking for — including architectural style, building features, neighborhood amenities, and natural surroundings, from log cabins to ranch-style to modern and eco-friendly, from large and luxurious to simple and cozy, and secluded and quiet to lively and central, Flagstaff has a wide range of available homes for sale, with something for every kind of homeowner.

The Flagstaff real estate world can be an intimidating one, not to mention that buying a home alone can seem like a difficult and complex process in its own right. However, if you have both a little patience and the ability to move quickly when the time is right — and perhaps most importantly, with the right REALTOR® — you could be on your way to buying your dream home faster than you think.

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