5 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your House

These are some great tips from a Sacramento, California real estate agent.  Here’s a quick summary:

1) Clean your house as though you had a security deposit at risk. Though you own the home and there is no security deposit, the deal is on the line until the end. There is no point in risking other issues by failing to clean the house.

2) Forward your mail. You can do it online at usps.com. If your mail delivery is to a locked box, leave the key for the new home owner. Give your agent a forwarding address in case some mail accidentally arrives after you move.

3) Give utility companies your new address and tell them what date to do a final meter reading. Typically, the home’s buyer will have set up accounts to kick-in on that day so service will not actually be cut off. Just in case, tell the utilities a date a few days after closing when they should shut off service if there is no new account for the property. DON’T shut off the utilities before closing — they need to be on for the final walk-through inspection.

4) Cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy — you’ll want to have either a renter’s policy or a new homeowner’s policy in place because that property insurance covers a lot more than your home. Talk with your insurance agent about your plans and needs.

5) Organize your packing. Pack a “first night” box that will either be first off the moving truck or travel with you in your own vehicle. If it’s going on the truck, mark it very clearly. You won’t want to be struggling to find it that first night in the new home.

Good luck! Here’s the full article about organizing for your move: 5 Things to Do Before Moving Out of Your House.

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