A Real Estate Agent’s Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Home

Are you ready to sell your Flagstaff home? When thinking about selling your home, the same questions often arise. The Elite Team Agents are sharing their experience selling homes in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona with you! Here are our top 10 tips for selling your home:

Tip #1 – It’s all about the timing:

Listing your home in the prime selling season not only allows you to get on with your life but it also means fewer days of having to keep your home in showing condition. In Flagstaff our busiest time of year is May-September. Not only will there be more buyers looking during this time but pricing tends to rise during this time as well.

Tip #2 – Pricing your home to sell:

No seller wants to leave money on the table but setting an unrealistically high price with an idea of lowering it later doesn’t often work. Nowadays, Buyers have access to more information than ever and they know how much a home is worth before even viewing them. An overpriced home stays on the market longer and even after price cuts, buyers tend to think there is something wrong with it. If you set the right price from the beginning you will save yourself time & money.

Tip #3 – Consider the curb appeal:

It matters. Have you ever heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Clean it up. If you can, spruce up the landscaping, plant some flowers or paint the front door. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a landscaping company.

Tip #4 – Declutter your space:

Nothing makes a home feel smaller than too much stuff. Remove excess large furniture, knick knacks, clear off kitchen and bathroom counters. You want a buyer to be able to see themselves living in the home. It will also make it feel calmer and much larger.

Tip #5 – Make your home available: 

Buyers like to see homes on their schedule which usually means evenings and weekends. Most buyers will want to see it within 24 hours of it being listed so if it can be shown with little or no notice they are likely to see it before others.

Tip #6 – Depersonalize your space:

Buyers want to see themselves in the home not your family in the home. Remove all political and religious items, children artwork off the fridge and anything else that marks it as your territory rather than neutral.

Tip #7 – Clean EVERYTHING:

Nothing turns off a buyer like a dirty house. Hire a company to deep clean if you can’t do it yourself. That includes cleaning windows inside and out, garage, baseboards, ceilings and closets. They want to feel like the home has been well taken care of.

Tip #8 – Let the light in:

People love light and bright living areas. The best way to show off your house is to let the sunshine in. Open all curtains, blinds and shades and turn on all lights. If you have a dark room, add light or think about painting it a lighter color.

Tip #9 – Repairs and small upgrades can make a huge difference:

Think about what sold you on your home. If you bought your home quite a while ago, there may be some outdated things. Older fixtures, door handles, etc..If there are broken light fixtures, chips on walls, baseboards, etc, have them fixed. Potential buyers will notice and the cost of upgrading or fixing these items will start to add up in their minds. This will likely cause them to offer a much lower price.

Tip #10 – Last, but most important…..Hire a GREAT Real Estate Agent!

Having a great agent to take care of the sale of your home is the most important decision you can make. A great Real Estate Agent is a partner throughout the home selling process, and will give you expert advice so that you can sell your home as quickly and easily as possible. So give the Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties a call at 928-714-0001 or learn more about selling your home with the Elite Team here!

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