So Wrong. So Right. Buying a home? Be careful!

Home buyers always need to have an eye out for shoddy renovation work and defect cover-ups before purchasing a home.

I’m usually a great admirer of Amy Hoak’s Home Economics column, but this one is off-key. My concern is that her comments may stigmatize flipped homes so that buyers cross them off their lists without any consideration — like some did with short sales.

I’ve seen all of the flaws she identifies as potential risks with flipped homes in long-term investments AND in homes that are owner-occupied. Sometimes the long-term owner-occupied homes are the worst for amateur remodeling attempts!

So, by all means, read the column, but take the advice about inspections and apply it to any home you are thinking of buying.

Flipped House

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Source Article:  Buying a ‘flipped’ home? Be careful – Amy Hoak’s Home Economics – MarketWatch.

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