Now’s the Best Time to Sell your Home Quickly: Here’s Why

Sell a home quickly in Flagstaff Arizona with Re/Max Elite Team

Selling a Home in Flagstaff

Are you looking to sell a house in Flagstaff? Lucky for you, Flagstaff is historically a seller’s market. Increasingly high demand to live here and a shortage of homes has continued to drive up housing prices locally. There are a number of factors that go into how to sell a house while maximizing the profit for you. These factors include what time of year to list, appropriately valuing your home, and staging it for showings so it looks the best it ever has. Knowledge is power and we want you to have all the information you need to make the decision to list your home confidently so you can sell your home quickly and get the highest value. The value of homes in Flagstaff continues to be high.
Now is the best time to sell your home quick and here is why:

When is the best time to sell a home in Flagstaff?

Is now a good time to sell a house? The short answer is yes and this applies year round. You can technically sell a home any time of the year in Flagstaff. However, there are market shifts throughout the year you should be aware of so you can be prepared and try to list when you can maximize your home’s resale value.

The hottest months where houses are popping on the market and then selling fast tend to be May through September each year. Most people are looking to move during these months so there tends to be an excess of buyers during this time. People have more free time during summer break because school commitments are paused. More time to review online listings, go to showings, and open houses and also navigate the hassle of moving. Also, generally speaking, people do not want to move during the cold snowy winter months so many people will pause their house search and hunker down for the winter. During the spring through early fall, there is an increase in demand so housing prices tend to go up. Because of the increased demand to buy, there can be situations where you can get a full price offer or bidding wars between buyers that will drive your home price up even more, sometimes beyond what you even listed it for originally. Often during the late fall and through winter, there is not as much demand so housing prices tend to fall slightly. These are the basic economics of supply and demand. Because of this cyclical market shift, if you want to sell your house fast in Flagstaff, Arizona, spring into early fall is your target range to list.

Energy Efficient Homes in Flagstaff Arizona with Re/Max Elite Team

What are home buyers looking for in 2020?

When looking to sell your home, think about what buyers are looking for and then incorporating those things. Buyers in 2020 are looking for the standard designs we have seen over the past few years such as open concept and upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. Unique to 2020, however, we are seeing an increase in desire for energy-efficient homes. People are more environmentally conscious and also they are looking to reduce their utility bills to save money long-term. Ways you as a buyer can accommodate this desire is if you have windows or appliances for example that need to be replaced, opt for the more energy-efficient brands. That way when you list your home you can include details about how you have energy-efficient aspects to your house. If you are thinking about listing in the future, start upgrading now because it will save you money on your utility bills and also many buyers will request to see your past utility bills. If a house is expensive from an energy use perspective, that can really deter a buyer from buying or at least will reduce what they are willing to pay for your home.

A Realtor’s Top 3 Tips to Sell your Home Quickly:

#1: Timing:

If you are asking yourself, “Should I sell my house now?” The answer is yes! May through September is the prime time to list a house as that time period most years is a seller’s market. People are ready to buy quickly and move so if you want to sell your home quickly, get it listed during those months, and the sooner the better! The earlier months in that range are really ideal because you will get out ahead of the other homes that will pop on the market as the summer progresses. People start looking in early spring but then are generally ready to move as soon as the school year ends – which is typically Mid-May or June which is how long it typically takes to accomplish the desired inspections, process the loan, and then set a closing date.

#2: Choosing the Right Price:

A big factor that contributes to how to sell your home quickly is choosing the right price. Yes it is a seller’s market but you have to be reasonable and research what your home is actually worth. If you do not list at the right price, your home will sit on the market and you will not be able to sell your home quickly. The longer a house sits on the market, people may start to think there is something wrong with the house and they are likely to make low offers once you do attract a buyer. Researching home values in the area that have sold recently and what the features were of those houses and comparing to yours is a great starting point. You want your home to be competitively priced to sell your home quickly.

#3: Staging your home to sell:

The first thing people see that makes them decide whether they want to do a showing or go to an open house are the photos of your home in the listing. Professional photography and thorough cleaning are crucial. If you are able, staging your home for photos and maintaining this throughout the time your house is listed for sale can really help. First impressions are crucial. Hiring a professional stager may be in your benefit. A cluttered home does not attract buyers. A messy home is a deterrent for showings and will also reduce the price of offers once people come to see your house. If people have trouble seeing the layout and space in your home, they will lose interest. You want your home to look the best it ever has so you can sell your home quickly and get the best value for it.

Selling your home during Coronavirus in Flagstaff Arizona

What to know if you’re selling your home during COVID-19

If you want to sell your home quickly, do not let COVID-19 deter you from listing your home. There are some changes you should expect in the process but you can sell your home quickly during this time. Taking really good quality photos and videos of your home for the listing is more important than ever! Many people are preferring to do virtual tours of homes instead of in-person showings, at least initially. In-person showings are still happening but less frequently. You will want to clean your home thoroughly before and after each show to keep you and your potential buyers safe. Especially focusing on high touch areas. Advertising in your listing what measures you are taking in between showings to clean your home will increase the number of showings and increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly.

Traditionally open houses are a great way to attract buyers and then it creates a sense of urgency among those interested because they see the popularity of a house. Unfortunately with COVID-19, open houses are strongly discouraged due to social distancing requirements. Unaccompanied inspections and drive-by appraisals are on the rise as the real estate market balances the need to sell homes with social distancing to slow the spread of the pandemic and keep everyone safe.


Now is the time to sell your home quickly in Flagstaff. Hiring a real estate agent will help you navigate the selling process properly and efficiently. While it is difficult to predict how quickly your house will sell once it hits the Flagstaff market, there are things you and your agent can do to speed up the process. Choosing the best time of year, setting the right price, and staging your home are examples of factors we can control and increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly. Remember, first impressions are everything so you want to hit the market at the right time, listed at the right price, and with your home looking its best!

The Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties and your REALTOR ® will help you get the highest possible price for your home while helping you sell your home quickly. We have been successfully helping our clients navigate COVID-19; balancing keeping everyone safe, selling homes quickly, and getting the best prices for our listings. Contact us! Give us a call at 928-714-0001 and we will help you sell your house fast in Flagstaff, Arizona!

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