When’s the Best Time to Buy a Home in Flagstaff?
Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about buying a home, what month or time of year you decide to buy can have a huge impact on your home-buying experience in Flagstaff and northern Arizona. Although questions of where you want to buy, what kind of home best suits your needs, and how best to finance your home are important questions too, what time of year you go house-hunting can be a deciding factor in what options are available to you and how much the home ends up costing.
2020: New Neighborhoods and Developments in Flagstaff
The Flagstaff housing market has been hot for quite some time now. One thing that has been an on-going struggle for many looking to buy homes in the Flagstaff area is the low inventory of homes for sale in Flagstaff. Most homes come on the market and leave the market
Real Estate and the Coronavirus in Northern Arizona
With the world and the country in the grips of a pandemic not seen before in our life-time, we thought it would be best to try and answer some questions regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus issues when it comes to the real estate market here in Northern Arizona.