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In today’s interesting and ever-changing real estate market, the question always comes up, “Where and how is the best place to search for the most up to date information regarding Flagstaff and Northern Arizona real estate?”  We at the Elite Team understand how hard it is to keep up with all the information you can find on the internet and how do you know if it is the most current information?  There are many times that our clients will contact us and say they have found a home on Zillow or one of the other large platforms, only to find out that that information is out of date. Again, we at the Elite Team have tried to make it easy for our clients!  We have built our team website, to do just that, give you the most up to date information. You can visit our website’s home page to browse everything we offer but you can also bookmark the following page on our website, and it will give you the opportunity to search everything available on MLS in Northern Arizona.

How does the Flagstaff MLS through the Elite Teams web site work?

If you are on our main home page, you will want to click on the tab on the far left of the page that says MLS listings. Once you are on that page, you have a few options. The first option is to sign up for auto alerts. This allows you to receive automatically the new listings that fit your criteria as they hit the market. This way you will have the newest and most updated listings in your email without needing to log into our web page each day to find them. Also, be rest assured, we will not be bugging you to buy or sell a home if you do this. We understand that today’s consumer wants to do their own research without being “sold” by a realtor. Once you have found what you are looking for, we hope we will be who you contact. So feel comfortable knowing we will not bother you to buy or sell a home until you reach out to us.  Once you sign up for the auto email, you can then go back to the MLS listing page and browse for listings, current, pending, and even sold!

What is the best way to search for homes for sale on the Flagstaff MLS? 

Sometimes less is more. What we mean by that is,  don’t put too many parameters on your search. We would hate for you to miss something because you narrowed the search too much. For example, sometimes a buyer will say they have to have a minimum of 4 bedrooms so they put in that minimum, and then they miss all the homes that are 3 bedrooms with a den or office that could be converted to that fourth bedroom.

Here are a few tips on how to navigate the MLS listing page:

Once you are on the map of the MLS listing page, on the left-hand side you will see a lot of pull-down menus for search criteria.

  1. Property type- you can decide if you want to search for residential, land, lease commercial, etc.
  2. List price- the tip on this is to maybe put the max price about $25,000 over what you would want to spend. That way you know everything is included in your search. Sometimes if your max is $400,000, and that is what you set as the max at list price,  some listings at $400,000 won’t show up in the search results so that is why we always suggest adding a little to the max search amount.
  3. Property sub-type- if you click this pull-down, if you want more than just single-family you will want to choose the “see all” tab and then check the boxes of the types of properties you are interested in.
  4. Area- again this is one that you will want to select “see all” and check the areas you are interested in. If you don’t choose the areas, you will receive a ton of listings

There are many other items you can choose to narrow down your search, however, I feel the above four are a good starting point so that you don’t limit yourself too much but also don’t receive so much information that it is overwhelming.

The bottom line, there is a lot of information out there regarding homes for sale in Flagstaff and we also know that our consumers are savvy and busy so we wanted to put a website together that would provide the most current information all in one location.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Elite Team with any questions regarding the Flagstaff Real Estate market. We are a team full of experts and look forward to hearing from you.

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