Introducing Your Pets To Your New Home

Introducing Your Pets To Your New Home

Whether you’re relocating to Flagstaff, or just moving from one neighborhood to another, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into moving to a new home. Things like donating old or unused items or appliances, setting up utilities and making sure your family gets there in one piece, and getting everything safely packed up. Then the unpacking phase begins, and you start to settle into your new Flagstaff home.

In all the commotion, new homeowners might forget that their pet needs some adjustment and preparation for the move as well. We’re here to help you master your move with a pet in tow! Read on for helpful tips during packing, moving and introduction to your new Flagstaff home.


Before The Move To Flagstaff

When you’re getting ready to make the move to your new home, your current home will most likely be filled to the brim with boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Do your best to keep all the packed items in one room so your pet doesn’t chew on or eat anything they shouldn’t before you’ve loaded it in the truck! Also, be sure to keep your pet’s essentials in a separate box to access them easily when you need to!

Be sure to pack anything they’d need on move-in day, like:

  • Waste bags
  • A few favorite toys
  • Treats
  • Leash
  • Kitty litter, box, and scooper
  • A crate, doggy gate or carrier
  • Blanket
  • Water bowls
  • Food
  • Frisbee (after all, you’re moving to Flagstaff!)


Moving Day

Moving day is can be chaotic for the entire family and can be particularly stressful for pets. Loud sounds, new territory, open doors and unfamiliar people (your moving company) coming in and out of your home can frighten your pet. Add in possibly moving in a Flagstaff winter snowstorm, and it can be even harder on your four-legged friends! It’s best to find a place to make them feel safe during the process. A few options to help their moving day go smoothly: choosing a room to keep them in with toys and their bed, add a door frame gate to keep them contained but aware or send them to a pet daycare for the day. Giving your pet a vacation day at Kingsmark Kennels here in Flagstaff is a great option as well!  Taking these precautions will help prevent your pet from escaping and getting lost in a new neighborhood. Of course, be sure to have proper tags on your pet in case they do escape, so they can be easily identified and returned home! Also, if you have an indoor cat that happens to get out, put their litter box outside, as cats can smell their own litter box up to a mile away!


Making Flagstaff Home

Getting used to a new environment can be hard for some pets. Adjustment time for dogs and cats can vary pet to pet. The easiest route to take is maintaining a consistent mealtime and bedtime routine for your pet. Ensure you keep their food and water bowls in a designated area so they become familiar with the space they can eat and drink. You’ll also want to give them a tour of your new home and let them familiarize themselves with their new space and the rooms in it. Lastly, let them get acquainted with the neighborhood with a daily walk! This way they will know a little bit more about their surroundings.

Here in Flagstaff, there are also lots of great places to get your pet used to their new surroundings and let your pet blow off some steam during a stressful time for them:

  • Buffalo Park- 2400 N Gemini, is a great public park to take your pets out for a walk. With a maintained trail that’s relatively easy, as well as a dog watering station at the entrance, this park is great to get your pet used to Flagstaff outdoors!
  • Barkmaster Dog Park- 191 N Thorpe Rd, is another great Flagstaff dog retreat! Designed for dogs, this dog park is a great way to let your pet make new friends in their new neighborhood, and even has obstacle courses and toys to keep them entertained!
  • Bushmaster Park- 3150 N Alta Vista, is one of Flagstaff’s other great dog parks! Located on the east side, Bushmaster also features playground equipment for your furry friends, and a great chance to meet new friends! Also, Bushmaster is one of Flagstaff’s largest public parks and includes ramadas, grills, and new playground equipment that can make a great afternoon for the whole family!


Caring For Your Pet

If you’re relocating to Flagstaff or our surrounding areas, you may need access to local veterinarian clinics for ongoing health or other specific health needs. There are plenty of great options here in Flagstaff! Here area few:

  • Westside Veterinary Clinic: 963 W. Route 66 Suite 230–offers a full array of medical pet services including diagnostics and surgery
  • Veterinary Emergency Center: 1359 W. Butler Ave–in the unfortunate event that you may need care for your furry loved ones after hours, Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of Northern Arizona is a great resource, and is even open 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday!

Flagstaff also has great resources for your pets day to day needs. Olsen’s Grain is a local staple here in Flagstaff, and carries many varieties of pet food, treats, and pet accessories! And the best part is you can help support local Flagstaff businesses!


You and Your Pet Deserve A Break

Flagstaff is also known as a very pet-friendly community, with many great options for dining while accompanied by your four-legged family members. Outdoor seating during our warmer months allows you to grab a quick bite at many local restaurants with Fido in tow! Downtown you can visit the newly-remodeled Brandy’s Cafe and have some fantastic Swedish Oat pancakes or one of their fantastic eggs Benedict creations while your dog can take a quick break in the shade. Also downtown, try a new twist on an old favorite at Diablo Burger. If you time your visit right, you and your pets can enjoy a tasty burger and the outdoor seating while taking in one of the many events that take place in adjacent Heritage Square! If you’re not quite ready for a snack, enjoy a fantastic local craft beer at Historic Brewing Company on Huntington to rest your dogs (see what I did there?) If you’d like your dog to tag along on a fine dining experience, Josephine’s Modern American Bistro has a fantastic outdoor patio that also often features live music during beautiful Flagstaff summers that the whole family can enjoy! If you’re on the east side, take a break for some great barbecue at Satchmo’s, one of Flagstaff’s favorites for Cajun and barbecue cuisine. The outdoor patio also allows for a comfortable respite after a great Flagstaff hike with your pets!

With a bit of planning, you can make the move to your new Flagstaff home as easy of a transition as possible for the entire family! Once you and your pets have all settled in, we’re sure you’ll love making Flagstaff your new home as much as we do!!

As always, if you or someone you know are thinking about buying or selling. Give us a call, email or text!

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