Greenlaw Neighborhoods of Flagstaff

Considered “East Flagstaff” by Many, Greenlaw Is Central to Flagstaff Action

When Flagstaff needed more housing in the 1960s, some of the subdivisions planned were the Greenlaw tracts. Over the course of the 1970s, sturdy homes, most built with masonry walls, spurted up north of Route 66 (“Lower Greenlaw”) and Lockett Road (“Upper Greenlaw”). Space for a large city park was preserved – now Bushmaster Park.

Today, Flagstaff’s Greenlaw area includes shopping, restaurants, a branch library, townhomes built in the 1980s and 1990s, and, of course, schools, including the east campus of Coconino Community College. Other, smaller, subdivisions have been built east and north of Greenlaw. Greenlaw residents pass through Swiss Manor and Skyline to reach the National Forest Trails at the base of Mt. Elden.

The newest addition to the Greenlaw neighborhood is North Country HealthCare.





Entrances to North Country are from 4th St. or King Boulevard. On King, Flagstaff residents will also find the Coconino County Health Department.

Branching out of the immediate neighborhood, Flagstaff Medical Center is less than 7 minutes from the center of the Greenlaw area. The City’s 215-acre Buffalo Park is closer than FMC. At the east and south edges of the neighborhood, residents have a selection of restaurants and retail shops.

Heading in the other direction, the Flagstaff Mall is just a five-minute drive. Northern Arizona University is about a ten minute drive, using the new Fourth Street Bridge. By next summer, the Flagstaff Aquaplex, at the south base of the bridge, will be open for all Flagstaff residents, and Greenlaw residents will be in a prime spot to use its new facilities as well as the commercial/retail development that is on the drawing boards for the bridge area.

Here’s a complete Guide to Flagstaff Neighborhoods

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