FTC will not block Zillow-Trulia merger | Inman News

Tomorrow’s big real estate headline is likely to be the merger of Zillow and Trulia, which has been held up for a few months by a Federal Trade Commission investigation into the question of whether the merger will create an illegal monopoly. Apparently, the FTC’s answer is “no.”

FTC will not block Zillow-Trulia merger | Inman.

For a market like Flagstaff’s real estate market, this development means little. Of greater interest is whether Zillow will carry Flagstaff listings as we hit the peak of the 2015 selling season. Their new MLS-by-MLS negotiating strategy may mean they don’t get to us in time.

While folks searching the internet for Flagstaff real estate listings are bombarded with ads for Zillow and Trulia, the usually end of up with a top-rated local real estate search site like BestFlagstaffHomes.com

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