Focus on Flagstaff’s Swiss Manor Neighborhood

Often overlooked, this Flagstaff neighborhood is a great place to live

Trailhead to US Forest Service in Swiss Manor Neighborhood

Looking for an out-of-the-way Flagstaff neighborhood? Ponderosa pines in your yard and all around you? Proximity to forest trails? Flagstaff’s Swiss Manor neighborhood might be just right for you.

This neighborhood is a short drive to downtown Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University, and an even shorter hop to the Flagstaff Mall. All these places are accessible from the neighborhood by Mountain Line. Swiss Manor is just a short distance from the Country Club Drive bridge to the Flagstaff Athletic Club and theContinental Country Club.

Best of all (in my book): You can walk or ride your bike right into the Pipeline Trail at the base of Mt. Elden – from there to Buffalo Park, Elden Lookout or the Sandy Seep Trail.

So, if you are searching for a Flagstaff home, don’t overlook Swiss Manor!

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