Focus on Flagstaff’s Ponderosa Trails Neighborhood

This is a newer Flagstaff neighborhood located on the southwest side of the City of Flagstaff

Ponderosa Trails, in southwest Flagstaff, is a neighborhood that is less than ten-years-old with homes built by several different builders. The lots tend to be smaller than in older parts of Flagstaff, but the compensation comes in large community green belt areas, meandering urban trails, a neighborhood park, and proximity to National Forest Service hiking and biking areas. As with all newer developments in Flagstaff, the available Ponderosa Pines were substantially preserved and much of the landscaping is xeriscaped to fit in with native vegetation. 

The Ponderosa Trails Park consists of eight acres, with picnic ramada and grill. This is one of the many parks and recreation areas maintained by the City of Flagstaff. The city park integrates beautifully with the Flagstaff Urban Trail System and the neighborhood green belts.

Many Ponderosa Trails homes, as newer homes, were built with energy-efficiency in mind. For example, Empire Residential built many of the homes and was the first in Flagstaff to feature Energy-Star ratings in their advertising for new homes.  (Here is a link to features of the newest Empire homes in the Retreat section of Ponderosa Trails.) Several higher-end homes in the Ponderosa Trails neighborhood were built by a long-time Flagstaff builder, Holdsworth Construction, using the name “Keepsake Homes.” The Keepsake homes featured a “craftsman” style that was unusual for Flagstaff, but proved quite popular in initial sales. Many other local Flagstaff builders purchased individual lots and constructed homes to sell, and some individuals also purchased lots and built custom homes in the Ponderosa Trails neighborhood. Construction continues on the south end of the neighborhood as its border approaches the site of the City’s Pulliam Airport. 

The neighborhood includes a group of townhomes on the west border, also built by Empire,and three apartments on the west and north borders, one of which is one of Flagstaff’s few senior age-restricted communities.

The Mountain Charter School, one of Flagstaff’s charter elementary schools, is located in Ponderosa Trails, near the neighborhood park, though it has its own grounds and a nice, single story building that fits nicely into the pine-covered surroundings.

Popular with second home and vacation homeowners because it is the first neighborhood in the City of Flagstaff for arrivals from Phoenix, Ponderosa Trails quickly became a vacation home Mecca as well as a neighborhood for full-time Flagstaff residents looking for a newer home.

Ponderosa Trails has an active and professionally managed homeowners’ association with rules and restrictions to control any changes in the appearance of what you now see in the neighborhood. Meeting notices, rules, and neighborhood activities are posted on the HOA website:

Gallery of Photos of the Ponderosa Trails Neighborhood


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