Flagstaff’s Cost of Living

I’ve recently updated the Cost of Living display on our Flagstaff real estate website. I’ve changed the chart comparing Flagstaff to other Arizona cities with a slide provided to me by Professor Ron Gunderson of Northern Arizona University. The chart shows the overall cost of living and how it is so much higher than other Arizona cities.

Flagstaff Cost of Living ChartThat difference is all based on the price of housing. Flagstaff housing costs are 6% higher than Scottsdale, 39% higher than Phoenix, and 46% higher than Tucson. No wonder folks from those areas who look for Flagstaff second homes or student housing alternatives to NAU on-campus housing have sticker shock.

We hold their hands and get most of them though it. If you know someone who wants to buy a home in Flagstaff, send them our way: Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties.

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