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We are lucky to live in the mountains of Flagstaff, AZ. In the warmer summer months, we are able to escape and beat the heat with our high elevation. The cooler, crisper air attracts a lot of people to our mountain town from, at least, June through August. When people think of mountain living they can’t help but think of Cabin living. Qualifying a house as a cabin is different to so many people. For some, any type of home in the mountains will be considered their cabin. Others will want a lot of wood siding on the interior and a rustic feel. Some people will want an actual Log Cabin that is constructed by actual tree logs. Whatever you are considering as your Flagstaff cabin we are happy to help you find a cabin for sale in Flagstaff, Arizona!

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Flagstaff Arizona Cabins for Sale

In Flagstaff, Arizona we do have a number of different types of cabins for sale. One thing that tends to stay consistent with Flagstaff Cabins is what surrounds the cabin, TREES! When a home is located in the forest or in a more rural area it gives the idea of a cabin. Normally you will find these types of cabins outside of the city limits. A lot of these homes will be near the National Forest and will have plenty of forest access. One of Flagstaff’s great attributes are the different types of forests we have and how much National Forest we are surrounded by. There are some homes in the city limits of Flagstaff that are in the city maintained, “suburban” neighborhoods that still back National Forest. So you can have a cabin feel right in a neighborhood like some people are used too. You can also travel to more rural areas to find your sense of cabin living. The home may be a more traditionally built home but it is surrounded by large Ponderosa trees you will get the cabin feel.

We do have homes that are, legitimately, cabins, and log cabins. These homes are not as available but they do exist and it can become a matter of patience before one is available to purchase. There are many different types of log cabins. You can find a cabin with handcrafted logs which will have a more organic feel as the logs are individually carved and stacked on top of each other in the exterior walls. You can have the same idea, but less organic-looking, with milled logs. If you want the log cabin feel but do want to go with the logs you can opt for wood siding. There will be a different cost for each of these options for both building and maintaining.

Renting vs. Purchasing a Cabin in Flagstaff

A lot of people considering cabins in Flagstaff are wanting to purchase as a second home. With that being said, we don’t see many rental options when it comes to cabins in Flagstaff. If we do see rental options, they tend to be short term rentals, but those are few and far between. Most people considering a cabin want to enjoy it themselves and don’t want it to be tenant occupied by a long term renter. Landlords will have to be pickier when choosing a tenant for a cabin because there can be a lot more upkeep that would be required by the tenant.

The Cost of Owning a Cabin in Flagstaff

There are different costs associated with owning a cabin versus a traditional stick-built house. Maintaining the exterior is the biggest difference. If you are purchasing a cabin in Flagstaff, AZ the exterior is going to take a beating with a lot of different weather conditions. There will be freezing conditions in the winter and windy conditions in the spring, along with heat in the summer months. All year round the exterior will see an extraordinary amount of sunshine. Twice a year in the spring and fall you will want to inspect the cabin to make sure there hasn’t been any water damage, mold, cracking, or pest infestation. Once a year you will need to wash the exterior of the cabin to remove dirt, mildew, pollen, insect deposits, and other things that can come into contact with your log cabin. Every three years you will need to stain your cabin to keep the wood in great condition to survive the elements. Each year you will also need to reseal all of the joints where the different logs connect in the construction. You will also want to do an annual pest inspection of the cabin to make sure that you aren’t having any unwanted pests invade. There, of course, will be the other typical maintenance that is associated with owning any type of home.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a cabin in Flagstaff, AZ is the different costs associated with the location of the cabin. If the cabin is located in a more rural area there can be costs with road maintenance, water hauling and septic maintenance.

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The skilled agents at Best Flagstaff Homes Reality are all well versed in Flagstaff Cabin sales. They are a great starting point to your cabin search. They are ready to answer general questions or set up some showings with you. Depending on the type of cabin you are looking for Best Flagstaff Homes Reality can help you with your search. Our agents will be able to help with the education process about the different types of cabins and the different areas you can find them in. Whether you want a cabin secluded in the forest or a cabin on a golf course all of our experienced agents can help.

With a team of five well-trained agents, there is always someone here that is available to help when you are ready to buy your Flagstaff Cabin. We are easily reachable by phone or text at (928) 714-0001 or by email at [email protected]. You can learn more about the individual agents at the Elite Team at Get in touch and an agent will be happy to set up an in-person meeting a meeting over the phone, or a virtual meeting. All of our agents are flexible and want to make your cabin buying process as comfortable as possible.

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In conclusion, there are a lot of things to consider when searching for a cabin in Flagstaff, AZ. There are a lot of different types of cabins and a lot of different areas where you can find a cabin. Whether you are looking for something more rustic to get close to nature there is a cabin for you. If you want to have something that has a cabin feel but want the amenities that being in the city offer there is a cabin for you. Flagstaff, AZ is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to own a cabin. Contact us to explore the cabins for sale in Flagstaff!

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