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We’re going into a holiday weekend and it’s kind of easy to stop paying attention to what’s on the market among homes for sale if you are a Flagstaff real estate agent or a home buyer who doesn’t want to move until the end of August. But if you do that, someone may snatch the Flagstaff house you want right out from under you. Just yesterday, I showed a home to a fellow who wanted to “think about it over night.” When I checked the Flagstaff MLS at 9 p.m., the house was under contract for somebody else.

So let me call to your attention a couple of great properties:

Single-level home on 3.5 beautiful acres. LARGE great room. Mountain views. Just $390,000. MLS #158278.

Four bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2000 square feet in Ponderosa Trails. Just listed this week and we’re having lots of traffic. $350,000. MLS #168915 

I’ve got a couple that aren’t quite ready for MLS, but will be coming up in the next few days, including a 3 bedroom in Ponderosa Trails with a large, fenced backyard ($350,000) and a beautiful townhome right next to a fairway on my favorite Flagstaff golf course ($400,000). Keep your eyes out for these to appear on MLS soon or give me a call (928-714-0001).

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