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When clients are looking for a home in Flagstaff, they often ask us about specific neighborhoods and their unique characteristics. Flagstaff offers a variety of different neighborhoods that have appeal to many different buyers, in many different ways. In this post, we would like to focus on one great Flagstaff neighborhood, in particular, Mountainaire. Located approximately 6 miles south of Flagstaff, Mountainaire is one of Flagstaff’s most eclectic and charming communities. Surrounded by Coconino National Forest, Mountainaire is an outdoor lovers paradise! On the east end of Mountainaire, you’ll find Forest Service Road 235, which itself is a great hike, but also leads to several other fantastic trails through gorgeous grandfather Ponderosa Pines. Wildlife abounds here as well, so keep your eyes out for everything from squirrels, to deer and elk, and many impressive species of birds!

With quick access to Intestate 17, Mountainaire is great for those that want tranquil, outdoor surroundings, but also would like a quick commute into Flagstaff for work, shopping, and other activities.

What kind of homes are in Mountainaire?

Flagstaff AZ Mountainaire

Mountainaire really includes a very eclectic mix of home styles, as well as lot sizes and features. In Mountainaire, one of the predominant home styles you will find are small, cozy,  cabin-style homes typically on smaller lots. These types of homes can be a great fit for a second- or seasonal-homeowners, that don’t require large square footage and can keep utility costs lower on a smaller home. Plus, they have the charm of a log cabin feel, with lots of wood tones in their finishes and construction.

In recent years, we have also seen many old, dilapidated homes being completely torn down so that more modern and more energy-efficient homes can be built in their place. The home in the photo above is a great example of this! You will find many homes in this industrial style featuring weathered corrugated metal siding, coupled with modern interior finishes and fantastic energy efficiency. These homes will often also feature weathered, rustic wood finishes, providing a remarkable marriage of sleek and modern with vintage touches!

On the outer edges of Mountainaire, you’ll find much larger homes and much larger multi-acre lots. These types of homes can offer a luxury option, while still being nestled in the charm of Mountainaire. Those needing a setup for horses may find these homes to be a great fit, with plenty of room for animals, as well as quick access to a plethora of forested riding trails. Many homes of this type already have a horse set up ready to go with corrals, barns, and more.

As you can see, Mountainaire really does offer a diverse mix of home styles that can appeal to a wide range of buyers looking to buy in Flagstaff!

What it’s like living in Mountainaire?

Flagstaff Arizona Mountainaire

Just a few miles south of Flagstaff, Mountainaire offers a great option for those wanting to be removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, while still having quick access to all the amenities the city has to offer.

Upon first arriving in Mountainaire, you’ll find large homes on acreage that are used for everything from homesteads, to horse properties, to beautiful Bed and Breakfasts, and wedding venues! While in Mountainaire, you’ll also see the Mountainaire Tavern, a local institution serving food and drinks to residents and visitors for decades! It’s worth a stop for sure!

From there you’ll enter into the neighborhood itself, where you’ll become engulfed in ponderosa pines. Here many of the lots are small, with man averaging in the 5,000 square foot range. The terrain is relatively hilly as you drive back into the rest of the neighborhood, so be sure to allow extra travel time during snowy, winter months.

In general, Mountainaire is a very tranquil neighborhood, where you’ll often find residents walking their dogs, hikers, and bikers returning from the amazing nearby trail options, and locals having a hamburger and cold beer at the Mountainaire Tavern.

Mountainaire homes for sale

How to buy a home in Mountainaire

If you’re interested in buying a home in Mountainaire, there are many factors to consider. First, the location is key. Being a bit removed from Flagstaff proper and offering the seclusion of forest living, Mountainaire may be an ideal fit. However, if you would rather be as close to amenities like shopping, schools, concert venues and more, then Mountainaire may not be your best option. One other factor to consider is waste systems. Unlike its nearby counterpart Kachina Village, Mountainaire does not have a community sewer system and requires the use of various septic systems. Depending on the lot size, topography, and geology, homes in Mountainaire may use a conventional septic system or alternative above ground septic systems. All systems require routine maintenance and occasional pumping. The cost and frequency can vary greatly depending on the type of system, so be sure to investigate what system a particular home has when considering purchasing it. Another factor to consider is lot size. Many lots in Mountainaire are on the smaller side and can average around 5,000 square feet. This can be ideal for second-home owners, or anyone not wanting a large yard to maintain. However, it may not be ideal for those needing a larger yard for gardening, family play area or lots of space to entertain. These sizes can vary greatly, so just be sure to investigate the size of the particular parcel you may be interested in and ascertain if it fits your specific needs. Another advantage of Mountainaire is that its rural location makes many homes in the area eligible for USDA Financing, which currently offers a 0% down option. There are many other requirements for loans of this type, including credit score minimums and certain income restrictions. It’s best to discuss this option with your trusted local lender to determine if a USDA Home Loan is the best fit for your specific goals.

Click here for a current list of all homes available in Mountainaire. As always, if you’re interested in purchasing a home in Flagstaff, Mountainaire, or any of our surrounding areas feel free to reach out to us.

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