Why We Are Better Than Zillow

One of the most common questions we get with potential sellers is ” What is my home worth”? Secondly, many clients have already spent time researching what their home may be worth. This often times, leads to the conversation about “Zillow” and their “Zestimates”. We looked into the accuracy of these “Zestimates” and were shocked by the numbers.  The most current spreadsheet available through Zillow shows staggering numbers of inaccuracy. In Coconino County only 58% of “Off Market” homes with a Zestimate are within 10% of the accurate value or potential sale price. 36 % are within 5%, and most staggering is 79% of ” Off Market” homes with a Zestimate are within 20% of the accurate value or potential sale price.

The reason we look at ” Off Market” homes is because most often these potential sellers are just that, potential. Still in the process of deciding to sell, so their home is considered ” Off Market”.   We at The Elite Team are committed to getting your home sold for the best price, at the fastest rate possible. We provide accurate comparable home prices through our Multiple Listings Services and devote ourselves to you throughout the home selling (and buying) process! Something Zillow can’t do! We are happy to value your home for you.

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