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Getting started in the process of purchasing a property can be overwhelming, whether it’s your first time or the fifth. A good place to start is by finding a great REALTOR® in the Flagstaff and northern Arizona area you want to buy a property, and we’re the best Real Estate Agents in Flagstaff. It sounds like a lofty claim, sure, but we have the evidence to back it up. Interested in learning more about us and what we do? Let us explain why of all the REALTORS® in Flagstaff, we’re the best — and we can prove it.


#1 Local Flagstaff Real Estate Team – Not Phoenix, Not LA, FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA

Whether you’re planning a vacation in a new city or thinking about settling down permanently, virtually everyone agrees that when it comes to finding all the best spots and getting the best advice: locals know best. This is not just true for finding that hidden gem of a restaurant, art gallery, coffee shop, or the best views in town, but also when it comes to finding your dream home. The Elite Team at RE/MAX prides itself on having a team that truly knows the ins and outs of Flagstaff because guess what? We live here too! With our team of REALTORS® at RE/MAX Peak Properties, you have the locals on your side, not just anyone with an Internet connection and a little bit of real estate know-how. At RE/MAX, we employ people who both live and work in the communities they serve. We’re locals, and as everyone knows, locals know best.

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#2 Highest Reviewed Realtors in Flagstaff with a 5/5 on Google

People on the Internet can be harsh, and companies and businesses with a web presence are having to work harder than ever to earn their praise. We certainly do, but it’s paid off and made us one of the highest-reviewed REALTORS® in Flagstaff with a 5/5 rating on Google. Maybe it’s because all members of our team are full-time agents and top producers, or because we make sure somebody is always available to help, no matter what. Or maybe it’s just because we’re just so easy to talk to.


Here’s what Dale V. said about his experience working with The Elite Team:

We rented numerous townhomes in Flagstaff during the summers of 2018/2019 and knew that we wanted to spend extended time enjoying Northern Arizona.  We were fortunate to meet Jessica and Eric from ReMax Peak Properties, who patiently worked with us while we looked at numerous properties and helped us better understand the pros and cons of different areas of Flagstaff. The entire Peak Properties team knows “Flag” extremely well, and when we found the place of our dreams, they easily guided us through the entire due diligence and closing process. You always want an expert team to have your back, and we highly recommend ReMax Peak Properties.

Here’s what Amy A. said about his experience:

My husband and I worked primarily with Kelly; however, at least 3 other members of the team made themselves available to ensure that coverage was always available whenever needed.  Each member was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and attentive.

Being new to the area, we found the information and recommendations the team made to be invaluable.  They took the time to take in our needs and priorities and ultimately we found THE. PERFECT. HOME for our family in our preferred neighborhood and for a price we felt great about.


We continue to work our hardest to impress the people that matter the most, our clients.



#3 Biggest Selection of Homes for Sale in Flagstaff

Another thing that makes RE/MAX so special is that we have the biggest selection of homes for sale in Flagstaff. That’s important in a real estate market that’s hot and only getting hotter. Besides, you don’t want to settle for a home that’s just okay, right? With a Re/MAX REALTOR® and our wide variety of properties, we’ll help you find not just any home, but your dream home. Not too big, not too small, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 


#4 We Put Our Real Estate Focus on You

Isn’t it horrible when you feel like someone is pressuring you into buying something you don’t really want, just because they want to make a sale? We get it. That’s why we make our selling process all about you and what you want. Until you’re happy, we’re not either. Furthermore, we don’t just want to help you find the right property, we want to celebrate you too. That’s why we throw client appreciation parties and events. We know our clients make the real-estate world go round, and we want to make sure you know it, too.



#5 We’re Tapped Into Flagstaff Real Estate News and the Market

In a complex and ever-evolving real estate market, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we do the work of keeping up with all the latest trends and developments, so you don’t have to. We make sure we’re in touch with the market and all the latest happenings, so when it comes to finding that perfect new property, you can make a smart, informed decision.


#6 We Have a Wide Variety of Homes throughout Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

One of the reasons we love working (and living!) in Flagstaff is how much variety this beautiful town has to offer. Each neighborhood is special and unique, offering a new set of benefits to potential homeowners. From golf communities that make it easier to spend time outdoors and stay active, join a community and make new connections to the peaceful countryside of Flagstaff, to the city’s hip and vibrant downtown, Flagstaff has something to offer everyone and every type of homeowner.


#7 We Walk-the-Walk: We’re Proud Flagstaff Homeowners

At The Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties, we practice what we preach. We love helping people buy homes and properties in Flagstaff because we do too! Many of us have lived here for over 35 years. We’re proud of our special mountain town and we can’t wait to share it with you.


#8 Our Team is Active in the Flagstaff Community and Recreation

It’s one thing to live here, and another to really live here. We make it a priority to be active in our community and help continue making Flagstaff a better and better place to live — for everyone. We love participating in community service to help our neighbors here in Flagstaff, and in other local events to meet and connect with all the residents that make our city great.


#9 We’re a Complete Real Estate Powerhouse with Connections

There is power in the name RE/MAX. Through our close partnerships with mortgage lenders, banks, and brokers, we like to think we have the connections to offer our clients the best deals around. Whatever your questions or concerns are, we know someone who can help.


#10 We’re New-School REALTORS®

When you think real-estate, you might think of the 80s’, when the real-estate market first started coming into its own as an industry. But we can assure you that when it comes to the Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties, retro is the furthest thing from the truth. We make sure to keep up with the latest technology by making all of our sites, social media, and web tools mobile-friendly and easy to use. We love connecting over social media and using the Internet’s vast pool of resources to grow our knowledge of the housing market and stay in the loop on all the latest trends and happenings in Flagstaff.  Not to mention, we have expertise in all kinds of transactions — making us flexible and adaptable to you and your needs.



Everybody wants to say they’re the best, but we’ve got the experience, the know-how, and the reviews to back it up. Want to learn more about Flagstaff’s real estate from locals that know the area? That’s The Elite Team. Want a team that prioritizes their clients? That’s us. Want a REALTOR® that is modern and tech-savvy? RE/MAX has the right REALTOR® for you. At RE/MAX, we’re adaptable, versatile, flexible, and well-rounded, not to mention hard-working and just some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


Ready to begin your real estate journey? Connect with us, the Elite Team at RE/MAX.

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