Best Place To Be Finally Free: Flagstaff, AZ

A couple of decades ago, when we were making our final decision to move to Flagstaff from the Chicago area, some close friends gave us a subscription to Sunset Magazine. So I was especially thrilled to learn this week that Sunset Magazine chose Flagstaff as it’s #1 pick for “Best Places to Live and Work 2014.”

Here’s part of the rationale:

“For people looking to relocate for their post-career life, Flagstaff is a great choice. The city’s setting—at the base of those mountains, with the Grand Canyon 90 minutes away—makes it as good as any in the West for outdoor recreation. But Flagstaff has a diverse economy: tourism, education (it’s home to Northern Arizona University), and government offices. The robust economy brings amenities like shopping and restaurants. And that means if you decide you really aren’t finished with working life, you have options for full- or part-time work.”

To learn more about living in Flagstaff, please visit our Flagstaff real estate website.

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