Bathtubs are out, big showers are in – Flagstaff new homes follow trend

In most households without small children, the shower gets more use than the bathtub. That’s why many new homes that I’ve seen recently in Flagstaff feature over-sized showers in their master baths, and even in secondary bathrooms if they are three or four bathroom homes. Over-sized showers with lots of light and perhaps even some snazzy gadgets certainly lend a home a touch of luxury. Do they add value, making remodels worth doing — other than for your own pleasure, of course?

Remodeling is NEVER “worth it” in raw dollar calculations, according to “Cost vs. Value Trends” survey conducted jointly for many years by the National Association of Realtors® in cooperation with remodeling contractors. The latest survey shows you are likely to recover about 75% of the dollars that you put into a bathroom remodel. So, perhaps you want to enjoy the benefit for a few years before trying to sell. This survey is talking major remodel; however, not the replacement of a leaky faucet — that should be done as part of your staging work.

Also, to preserve your resale value, a home should always have at least one bathtub. Buyers with small children need it, and sometimes all of us do for medical reasons. So, create a snazzy shower in your master bath if you like, but keep the small tub in the hallway bathroom.


Bathtubs are out, big showers are in – Amy Hoak’s Home Economics – MarketWatch.


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