How long have you been a Realtor®?
I decided to become a licensed Realtor® in 2006. In hindsight, that was right when the market crashed, so it wasn’t the easiest choice of career! Haha! But I wouldn’t change it for the world! I originally worked for a smaller local company, then decided to make the move to RE/MAX Peak Properties in 2013, and then have just joined The Elite Team at RE/MAX Peak Properties, and  I couldn’t be more excited about it!
What made you decide to become a Realtor®?
I actually decided to make the leap to real estate because I really enjoy helping people, and real estate was also a career that allows the flexibility of having a career, but also being able to make time for family life. I was also really drawn to real estate because it directly rewards my strong work ethic. It’s one of those careers where you get out exactly what you put in, so it’s very rewarding to see your hard work lead to great success!
What is your real estate specialty?
I actually pride myself in doing it all! I’ve helped clients buy and sell residential real estate, and have also helped clients with commercial real estate as well!
What do you love most about being a Realtor®?
Really the best part of my job is helping clients with such a major life decision! I like to tell people that buying or selling a house is one of the reasons you call all of your family. Births, deaths, weddings, and a new house are the big life events that you share with all of those closest to you, and it truly is an honor to help advise and guide people through such a major decision! I also really pride myself in trying to keep things light, funny and enjoyable when I’m working with my clients. It can be a very stressful time in your life, and a good laugh can really go a long way!
What do you enjoy when you’re not helping your clients?
Sleep. (Haha.) In all seriousness, I really enjoy spending time with my amazing wife and three awesome kids! I’m also not afraid to let my nerd flag fly, and enjoy collecting vintage Star Wars and Batman memorabilia. It’s a great passion of mine, and over the past few decades has lead me to great events and friendships with folks all over the world! I’m also one of those odd folks that actually enjoys fitness, and can often be found at the gym lifting weights and making horrible grunting noises! I also train in Shaolin Kung Fu, and am currently  a Certified Instructor Trainee at Sacred Mountain Fighting and Healing Arts here in Flagstaff. Other than that, I enjoy a good laugh, a good album, a good movie and a good bourbon!